Reading Shared Dropbox Files into Stata

I often share code and datafiles with collaborators and have found Dropbox to be a very useful tool in this regard (keeping in mind that Dropbox is not HIPPA or FERPA compliant so be certain data is deidentified).

I recently discovered an even easier way to use Dropbox to demonstrate code to a collaborator.

When sharing a Dropbox link to a datafile, you get a path like the following:

By changing the zero (dl=0) at the end of the path to a one (dl=1) the file can actually be directly read-in with the standard use, import excel, or insheet commands. For example:

insheet using″, clear

Now the Stata syntax I share can work on any computer regardless of the file/directory structure of the collaborator. Similarly, files they share don’t have to be locally on my machine. Awesome!

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