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Integrating StatTransfer into Stata for Linux and Unix (Mac OS)

I often use the stcmd package written by Roger Newson that allows you to read SPSS, SAS and other file types directly into Stata using the inputst  command.  While this has worked well on the PCs I use, I’ve never been able to get the program … Continue reading

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Reading Shared Dropbox Files into Stata

I often share code and datafiles with collaborators and have found Dropbox to be a very useful tool in this regard (keeping in mind that Dropbox is not HIPPA or FERPA compliant so be certain data is deidentified). I recently … Continue reading

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Sample Size: Is 10 a magic number?

I’m often asked “What is the minimal sample size I need to do…” This is perhaps one of my favorite questions, as I certainly don’t perform sample size calculations off the cuff, yet there should be some notion as to … Continue reading

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Integer Sequences in SAS

In Stata, I regularly find myself using the integer sequence command ( seq() )  available as part of the egen functions.  When I use SAS, I’m dismayed at how difficult creating an integer sequence can be.  There’s a website by Richard DeVenezia which … Continue reading

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