Useful Links:
The Stata Blog: Official blog of the Stata Corporation
Stata Daily: An interesting and informative blog about all things Stata

Statistics and Computing:
UCLA Statistical Computing: A Go-to resource on implementing statistical analyses in a variety of software packages.

Blogs/Websites of General Statistical Interest:
Andrew Gelman:  My favorite blog. Thoughts on statistics and social science from a  giant in the field. 
StatsBlogs: An aggregator of various statistics blogs
FiveThirtyEight:  Nate Silver’s venture covering the intersection of data science/statistics, politics, sports, and pop-culture for the interested layman I really like what these folks are doing. A collaboration with the American Statistical Association, the goal of which is to increase statistical understanding, especially for journalists.

Science Journalism:
Shankar Vedantam: NPR Science Correspondent reporting on social science research