Data is everywhere. We generate new data with every social media post, digital transaction, and video of kittens. This deluge of data has given rise to a new industry that is devoted to understanding the bits of information that may explain who we are and what we want. While this type of data is mostly used to sell you more “stuff”;  for scientists studying behavior, there is a tremendous capability to use this information for social good.

As a statistician with a background in both biostatistics (MPH) and quantitative psychology (PhD), I bring a unique perspective to my collaborations.

Areas of Statistical Expertise

Longitudinal Methods

Mixed Effects
Mixed Hybrid
Cross-Lag Panel
Fixed Effects
Joint Modeling

Unmeasured Confounding

Instrumental Vars.
Propensity Methods
Marginal Structural

Statistical Learning

Growth Mixture
Latent Class/Profile
Recursive Part.
Random Forest
Gradient Boosting

Substantive Research

Adolescent Behavioral Development: My work examines adolescent development as it pertains to the emergence of substance use and related mental health and behavioral outcomes.

Health Services Research: My work in this area is multifaceted and examines the health care system at both a macro (e.g. governmental and insurance system policy) and micro level (e.g. hospital operations; medical education). With the goal of shifting policy at the local, state, and national levels.

“Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics”

Samuel Clemens